4g sURFACE gUARD Calculator

The calculations made include enough product to apply the recommended 2 coats.

Total Surface Area:

 square ft.
The total area is equal to the width x height of your surface.

Type of Wall:


To ensure proper coverage, we recommend rounding up to the nearest gallon.

4G Surface Guard

Permanent Impregnating Sealer For Mineral Surfaces. Protects Against Graffiti, Grease, Gum, Grime & More.

Approximate coverage rates are as follows:

•    4G Surface Guard – 160 - 240 square feet per gallon. Typical substrates include concrete pavers, block walls, granite and natural stone.  Final coverage varies on application tools and techniques. If you are unsure of your quantity needed we suggest using an average of 200 square feet per gallon to begin with.

For mineral surface first coated with 4G Surface Guard you can use World's Best Graffiti Coating for the final protection of graffiti (so that removals can be done with hot water alone). Coverage rater will be approximately 300 square feet per gallon for two coats.

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