Can I apply World's Best Graffiti Coating over walls that are already treated with a protective or waterproofing system?
Yes - In most cases our coating will adhere to almost any pre-coated surface. It will not enhance the appearance,.... Read More
What is the difference between World's Best Graffiti Coating and 4G Surface Guard?
Worlds Best Graffiti Coating is a 'film forming' SACRIFICIAL product that provides durable long lasting graffiti protection. It is a flexible.... Read More
How to protect painted surfaces from graffiti
Our first golden rule of graffiti protection is - The best coating for paint is paint.    Although it’s possible.... Read More
What is the best protection for natural building surfaces?
For maximum graffiti resistance we generally recommend World's Best Graffiti Coating on vertical walls made from natural materials.  On horizontal surfaces we.... Read More
How to protect horizontal surfaces from graffiti, grease, grunge and grime
We recommend our 4G Surface Guard for the preservation and maintenance of natural surfaces such as concrete tile and stone. It is.... Read More
Choosing the right pigments and paints for a mural
Choosing the right paints can be tricky because of so much variability across manufacturers. Lightfastness is not the only metric.... Read More
How to Protect and Preserve Murals
We have proudly partnered with the SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center) based in Venice, CA in the development of MuralShield for the.... Read More
What is the difference between permanent & sacrifical graffiti coatings?
First, A quick word on so called permanent anti-graffiti coatings.    Over the past 30 years we have seen many.... Read More

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