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free graffiti removers with mitm pressure washer


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Free Graffiti Remover with Mitm Pressure Washer

Contractor Resources

The Easy Peasy Crash Course in Graffiti Removal


If it’s larger graffiti on painted surfaces like walls and fences, although it may be possible to remove the graffiti using our products, it is usually far quicker and easier to match the color and paint it over. Discuss tools of the trade.


If it’s smaller graffiti (perhaps on a painted surface) or if it’s on things that you can’t paint out, like ‘For Sale’ signs, road signs, glass, playground equipment, cars, caravans, equipment, powder coat etc., then use these two products Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover (or Graffiti Safewipes) and Feltpen Fadeout.


Most of the remaining graffiti is on concrete, bricks, block walls and stone. This is just as easily removed. Simply flood coat three times (at roughly 3 minute intervals) with Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover, wait another few minutes then rinse with a small pressure washer.

removing graffiti from concrete

The 3 Golden Rules in Professional Graffiti Removal

1. If graffiti is not coming off easily, you're doing it wrong! You may require a change of tact oruse of another product. We recommend that you call for technical advice and/or see the World’s Best Graffiti Removal catalog and product data sheets for more information.

2. If you can't remove a little bit of graffiti, then you're not going to remove a lot! TEST in small areas, before applying product to an entire job. This way you can determine if you’re on the right track first.

3. If you're working hard, you're doing it wrong! Forget the scrubbing, blasting and any other abrasive measures. Put simply, either your products are working or they’re not. Any problems can be taken care of with the right technique.

worlds best graffiti removal system

I want to offer Professional Graffiti Removal Services. Who are my likely customers?

Know who your customers are, and especially those who can offer repeat business.

Remember, just because you see graffiti everywhere, doesn’t mean any one is willing to pay you to remove it.

These customers are likely to need your services regularly;
• Commercial letting and management companies
• Real estate companies with rent rolls
• Shopping center management
• Downtown Business Improvement Districts 
• Home Owners Associations (HOA's)
• Unified School Districts
• Railway authorities, DOT's
• Cities and Municipal agencies such as Parks & Rec, Facilities, Public Works
• (Surprisingly) other cleaning companies.

No one will have your expertise, we can assure you.

While building up your graffiti removal business you will be asked to perform many jobs outside the trade such as paint & overspray removal, smoke damage, greasy floors, grime on buildings, paving cleaning, gum and grunge and even crime scenes. Our products are immensely helpful for many of these jobs.

removing graffiti for contractors

How do I Charge for Graffiti Removal Services?

Professional graffiti removal is a skill learned over time, requiring specialized products and equipment. Don’t be afraid to charge accordingly. However, be mindful not to charge every client like it is your first and last job as graffiti will often reoccur.

• Good work that is reasonably charged will often result in a referral.

• Become a friend in the trade to everyone. Cost of products when using our system will not be more than 10% of the total, the balance being your time and labor.

• Although it may appear simpler to break jobs down into time and material, having a ball park rate in square footage is advantageous. Approx. $3.00 per sq. foot keep product costs in check. Double this for filled-in bubble writing. For Paint removal a rate of $6-$9 per square foot is not unreasonable. If you quote less on a job which has multiple layers of graffiti or painted over graffiti, add a caveat so that extra product needed can be added to total at the end.

• If you intend to charge per square foot you will need to incorporate a standard call out fee which may include the first several square feet (say 5-10sq ft. or 1 sq. yard). Your call out fee will vary with distance. We suggest approx. $90 within 5 miles of your base.

contractors removing graffiti

How do I calculate Square Footage when assessing a graffiti removal job

In order to calculate the total square feet, draw an imaginary box around each tag.

Multiply the height x width to calculate the square footage.

Where there are multiple tags, add the sq. footage of each box together to estimate the total price for the job.

On larger removal jobs, such as the one pictured here, we always recommend establishing a modus operandi by removing a few square feet perfectly, before embarking on large scale removals. 

how do i calculate square footage for graffiti removal services

• Second square yard ( or 10 sq. ft.) can be say $30 and subsequent sq.yards / feet $25. This way clients will know exactly how much to expectbefore you arrive, and avoid any possible unwanted arguments

•Remember that filled in bubble writing, murals and /or multiple tags ontop of each other or on previously sandblasted / soda blasted surfacescan require significantly more time and products. You may need to doubleyour sq. footage rate on these jobs.

• Reduce rates for color match and paint over may be needed

•Jobs on historic buildings with conservancy authorities involving waterreclamation and varying techniques may require up to 5x the time andbilling accordingly.

graffiti removal on historic buildings

How do I market/advertise my graffiti removal business?

• Aim to be the most desired expert in graffiti removal in your area

• Familiarize yourself with our "Proven Strategies for Graffiti Free City" (Last Tab Below).

• Offer ongoing sustainable solutions for your customers. For example maintaining entire areas graffiti free for monthly retainers. Guaranteeing graffiti-free walls after application of World’s Best Graffiti Coating. A great strategy is to offer a free removal if graffiti occurs again after coating a building. It's quick and easy and you can consider the extra call out paid for by costing it in to your initial application. 

• Digital tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linkedin and hundreds of other networking sites allow your work to be seen by thousands.

A few must DO’s & DONT’s

1. Get your Name right from the beginning. Make sure that whatever you call your business it describes exactly what you do. Names like P.B enterprises, or Jacks Cleaning mean little to anybody looking for anything.

2. Advertising services without an offer is a waste of time.

3. Take advantage of free directories such as Google Business, Yelp, and Bing!

4. Reach out to potential customers. An introductory email/letter/flier to future clients.

Here’s an idea using the “CRINGE, CONFIDENCE and CALL OFFER”.

First comes the cringe factor; “Are you paying too much for graffiti removals?” OR “Did your last graffiti remover leave a worse shadow than the original graffiti?”

Then comes the confidence; “Our World’s Best Graffiti Removal Service makes sure every job is perfect in half the time at half the cost without a ghastly shadow or risk of damage.”

Finally, the offer; “Use our services, and if your wall gets hit within two weeks we will do it again for free. Or Every 3rd tag is free this month.”

The Truth about Anti-Graffiti Coatings - Adding value with graffiti Coatings

Permanent v/s Sacrificial Graffiti Coatings

Over the past 30 years we have seen many products and companies offering so called permanent protective coatings that promise to make cleaning graffiti easy. They all work for 2-3 years but problems such as de-lamination, peeling, cloudiness, glossiness, yellowing, and just making it more difficult to clean graffiti from have lead us to the following rules;

1) The best coating for paint is paint. Although it’s possible to remove larger graffiti from a painted surface, it is often far quicker and easier to simply color match and paint over.

2) Any coating you are thinking of specifying must be proven to work as intended, and have stood the test of time without behaving badly (which ultimately would disappoint your customer).

3) If for any reason in the future you need to remove this coating from a building, you must be able to do this quickly and inexpensively without the risk of damage to the building surface.

For graffiti protection on Natural Building surfaces offer World'sBest Graffiti Coating. $1.00 per square foot 'supplied & applied' isan excellent rate considering product costs are approximately 25 cents persquare foot.

This product offers long lastingprotection, leaves natural surfaces looking natural, and makes it veryeasy to remove graffiti with hot water alone or by using our Bare BrickStone & Masonry Remover.

If you are wanting tooffer permanent protection for your client, we suggest using 4G SurfaceGuard which is an impregnation rather than a film forming coating.

Designed for high value or high traffic mineral surfaces this product comes in two versions:

4GSurface Guard: Floors for pavers and concrete, and porous mineralsurfaces such as granite and limestone. Offers maximum stain andabrasion resistance without affecting slip resistance.

4G Surface Guard: Walls for all porous mineral surfaces. Offers maximum stain and graffiti resistance.

A rate of $1.50 per square foot 'supplied and applied' is typical for 4G Surface Guard.

Itis not uncommon to first seal with 4G Surface Guard and then applyWorld's Best Graffiti Coating over the top. This allows for the quickand easy removal of subsequent graffiti with hot water alone. We suggestusing this technique on historic buildings or high value substratessuch as limestone where clients main objective is to preserve thebuilding appearance and ease the burden of ongoing maintenancedramatically. See case study below for Los Angeles City Hall.

Specialize in Cleaning and Protecting Murals & Public Artworks

World’s Best Graffiti Removers include specialty products such as Heritage, Transgel, and Vanish. On any given job, one of our products can be your best friend.

• Sometimes conservancy agencies will be overseeing jobs ensuring no damage to historic or important buildings or environmentally sensitive areas such as near lakes and rivers. We can help advise on the most suitable ‘modus operandi’ for every job.

MuralShield is designed for conservation, restoration, and preservation of fine art acrylic murals. It reinforces paint layers (consolidates), and provides UV protection and weather proofing.

• By using MuralShield in conjunction with World’s Best Graffiti Coating you have a highly maintainable, durable and vibrant mural.

specialize in cleaning and protecting murals

Proven Strategies for a Graffiti-Free City

1. Recognize that graffiti vandalism is a community problem and unless CITIES budget for it out of taxpayer’s money then it will never be eradicated. It is no longer possible to avoid this fact. Around $100,000should be an initial figure.

2. Recognize that graffiti removal is a highly skilled trade. Do not think of it as a menial cleaning type job. Skilled technicians are called upon to repair damaged property on anything and everything without trace or damage. They must be skilled and have a good sense of detailed workmanship.

3. Employ a proven cleaning 'system' which is non-damaging and has the ability to confidently work on any surface. Worlds Best have this proven system.

4. Place all resources into eradication whilst refraining initially from the temptation to photograph or record graffiti. If your local area has been continually vandalized over several years it is most likely you will achieve nothing in this quest as most vandals are no longer active. Save this for police/prosecution purposes once you are graffiti free. Initial documenting is  a complete waste of time and money.

5. Make a daily 'clean sweep' of all-main roads and known problem areas e.g. skate parks, toilet blocks, parks, and known vandal haunts.

6. In the initial clean up stage avoid making ordinances which require 24 hr. graffiti eradication. This is simply obstructive to the whole strategy until the city is under control. It is very easy to do this later so be proactive and not reactive initially.

7. Remove graffiti from anything and everything and not just city property. Do not leave it to other utilities. Do not leave any really obvious graffiti. At first, just clean to 'drive-by' standard….i.e. not visible as one would drive through any areas. You can always go back later and fine tune any removals.

8. As the daily prevalence of graffiti hits disappear, then clean the side streets - while keeping a daily check on the main streets. Clean some areas twice daily if needed. This will deflate the vandal's spirit. Endeavor to be proactive and not reactive (unless the situation requires you to attend to an offensive graffiti incident)

9. Make sure that any “Community Art" programs involving aerosol art as the main medium are 'postponed' until well after you have attained "Graffiti Free" city status. (Art programs performed during clean up campaigns involving aerosol art tend to lower the morale of those responsible for removing graffiti as well as sending out a mixed message to vandals that it is ok to put spray can paint on some walls…but not others)

10. Use this proven system. Do not ‘reinvent the wheel’ or copy other cities who have not been successful. This definitely works and is not expensive.

11. A ‘Clean City’ levy of $1 per household per month will easily fund this as well as providing cleaner toilets, BBQ’s, playgrounds etc. Taxpayers will love their new clean town.

12. The consequent increase in property values through an improved city will ensure that extra rates collected will pay for this ongoing program ahead at no additional cost to the community.

13. Enjoy.

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Contractor's Corner

"I was able to get to the job, clean up white spray paint off a driveway, and get it cleaned up within 30 minutes."

Mike, Oleyn's Pressure Washing

"I have a way to protect my murals. One of the hardest things to do is NOT make the mural, paint it, and install it BUT to maintain it."

I Am Detour, Muralist

"Always keep some of this with you, you'll never know if there's overspray or tree sap, and you can get it cleaned up with this stuff, and make your customer very happy"

AM Pressure Washing

"World's Best Graffiti Removers is worth it. It took care of all the graffiti, my customers are happy, I'm happy. I give it a thumbs up."


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Please send us your questions, details, and/or photos for expert removal advice.  

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