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Transgel Graffiti Remover and MuralShield: Denver7 ABC News shines light on Mural Restoration. Courtesy of Denver7 ABC News.

Transgel Paint and Graffiti Remover, MuralShield and World's Best Graffiti Coating: CBS News Los Angeles covers the Restoration of Hitting the Wall by Muralist Judy Baca. Courtesy of CBS News.

Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover: 808 Cleanups in Hawaii remove tags from sacred rocks using our biodegradable, earth friendly graffiti remover.

World's Best Graffiti Removal Citizen's Kit: City of Santa Barbara shares how they prevent vandalism and help restore public spaces from graffiti vandalism. Courtesy of City of Santa Barbara, Sustainability and Resilience

Graffiti Safewipes and Graffiti Removal Citizen's Kits:  New10 ABC highlights Graffiti Safewipes and  show their ability to remove graffiti and spray paints on the spot. Courtesy of News 10.

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World's Best Graffiti Removal Products: Combatiendo graffiti en las noticias con Alerta Graffiti. Combatting graffiti with Alerta Graffiti, Spain. Courtesy of TreceTV (Canal13).

Graffiti Removal Citizen's Kits: Channel41 News highlight graffiti removal volunteer kits and shows neighbors tackling graffiti together. Courtesy of 41KSHB Kansas City News.

Graffiti Safewipes:  City of Fresno, CA introduces graffiti wipes for volunteers involved in graffiti abatement and community clean up. Courtesy of ABC30 News.

Graffiti Prevention: With Paul Watts from GRS

Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover and EcoBlaster: Removing Graffiti from rocks and natural spaces in Arizona State Parks. Courtesy of Cronkite News.

Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover and EcoBlaster: "Naima Workman of Northampton leads a volunteer effort to remove rampant graffiti from Mount Tom". Courtesy of Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover: Valspar shows how our graffiti remover easily wipes off graffiti from their metal composite materials. Courtesy of Alpolic Materials.

MuralShield: GoodDay Sacramento highlights "Unity in Diversity" mural protected with MuralShield. Courtesy of GoodDay Sacramento.

Preview of Facebook Interview with Heath Felps, Author and Admin of FB Group Power Washing Bros.

World's Best Graffiti RemoversSCVTV's Community Corner features Andy,  Graffiti specialist, to discuss graffiti removal in the City of Santa Clarita, California. Courtesy of SCVTV.

World's Best Graffiti Removers: GRS Sacramento uses World's Best Graffiti removers for citywide clean up. Courtesy of FOX40 News.

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