Graffiti coating


Permanent anti graffiti coatings vs sacraficia, - Introducing World's Best Graffiti Coating  

4G Surface Guard impregnating sealer for mineral surfaces

World's Best Graffiti Coating being applied to freeway Riverside CA

 Before & After

Blue spray can tag removed from blue stone wall previously treated with World's Best Graffiti Coating.

Murphy's Industrial Coating applies Worlds Best Graffiti Coating to 70,000 sq. feet of fluted concrete wall for City of Riverside railway underpass.

The heritage listed Beckley Limestone Furnace in Connecticut is coated with World's Best Graffiti Coating by FOBF (Friends of Beckley Furnace) volunteers.

Quick removal of graffiti using Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover from a wall coated with World's Best Graffiti Coating.