Murals & Public Art

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Mural & Public Art Preservation

MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating: Muralist and Proud Partner Judy Baca protects all of her murals, including the World's largest Mural The Great Wall of LA  with MuralShield and World's Best Graffiti Coating. 

MuralShield: Pierside Mural in Santa Monica, CA. Courtesy of Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant team. View Case Study.

MuralShield: This 'Young Frankenstein' Mural by Mike Denering was just one of many murals protected at the Fox Studio lot in Los Angeles, CA.

MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating: See muralist Victor Ving apply MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating to their  "Convalescent Aid Society Pasadena" mural

Night of the Barrio Moon by Carlos Fresquez

MuralShield: "Carlos Frésquez, an art professor at MSU Denver, painted the mural "Night of the Barrio Moon" at 47th Avenue and High Street in 1992." This mural was protected in late 2022, restoring it to it's original colors.  Courtesy of Colorado and Culture from MSU Denver.

MuralShieldCK Mural Team, composed of Veyna Design Studios Inc. and Puttin' on the Paint, use MuralShield for all of their projects.

MuralShield: Muralist Fintan Magee protects his mural Passengers in Eugene, Oregon with MuralShield.

MuralShield: Historic Mural Gintong Kasaysayan by Artist Eliseo Art Silva in the process of being restored in 2021.

Maestra Peace mural protected by muralshield and worlds best graffiti coating

MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating: MaestraPeace in Mission Bay, San Francisco.

mural by aaron glassman and celeste byers

MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating: Reading is a Portal Mural in Allenstown, Pennsylvania by Aaron Glasson & Celeste Byers.

MuralShield: Courtesy of Dave Titus.

MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating Courtesy of NowArtLA.

MuralShieldFarmhouse Tacos Mural by Douglas Piper used our mural coating to protect it from UV damage, grime and weathering. Courtesy of Greenville Journal.

MuralShield & World's Best Graffiti Coating: 45 murals protected at UHill Walls Mission. View Case Study.

Mural & Public Art Restoration

The following works have been protected with MuralShield, in conjunction with the World's Best Graffiti Coating.

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover & Heritage Graffiti Remover: Restoring tagged and painted over Hitting the Wall mural by Judy Baca.

Historic Mural "Gintong Kasaysayan" by Eliseo Art Silva.

Application of 


removing graffiti from sculpture
removing spray paint from sculpture
application of worlds best graffiti coating for protecting and preserving mural gintong kasaysayan

Removing graffiti from sculpture. Courtesy of Alerta Graffiti.

Heritage Graffiti Remover: Removing black and white spray painted graffiti from Risk Rock mural.

cleaning graffiti from a mural
cleaning graffiti from a mural

Graffiti cleaned from mural in Portland, Oregon. Courtesy of GRS Portland.

cleaning graffiti from a mural

Graffiti cleaned from mural in Portland, OR. Courtesy of GRS Portland

graffiti removal from mural

Graffiti Removal from Mural Portland OR. Courtesy of MuralRescue.

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover & Heritage Graffiti Remover: Removing layers of spray paint graffiti tags from this mural in downtown Los Angeles, CA

Graffiti Removal from Mural Portland, OR. Courtesy of MuralRescue.

protecting a mural with muralshield from environmental factors

Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover: Tag removal on white calcite bricks.

Mural & Public Art Removal
removing Mural with transgel graffiti remover

Transgel Paint and Graffiti Remover: Removing Mural from brick building at elementary school.

Transgel Paint & Graffiti Remover: Mural removal on brick wall.

Murals and Public Art Protected and Restored with World's Best