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4G Surface Guard
Vanessa Kopcho

We have found protecting the underlying surface with 4G Surface Guard, we are able to reduce our labor costs and maintain a higher standard of cleanliness. As with any business, we must keep our overhead and expenses down to survive and we have found the 4G protective coatings give Superior the competitive advantage.

We have found protecting the underlying surface with 4G Surface Guard, we are able to reduce our labor costs and maintain a higher standard of cleanliness. As with any business, we must keep our overhead and expenses down to survive and we have found the 4G protective coatings give Superior the competitive advantage.

World's Best Graffiti Coating
Tony C, Friends of Beckley Furnace
Very easy to apply

We applied World's Best Graffiti Coating to the Beckley Blast Furnace in 2007. The material was very easy to apply with a low pressure handheld sprayer. There was no odor and it left no residue. After drying, there is no visible change to the appearance of the limestone (Stockbridge marble). The Beckley Furnace (1847-1923) is registered on the National Register of Historic Places U.S.D.I. Thanks for your help and patience in helping the Friends of Beckley Furnace protect this historic structure.

World's Best Detergent
John R, World's Best Grafffiti Removers Australia
This is better than expected

A serious BIG BOY detergent designed to cut through professional cleaning jobs quickly and efficiently.

Vanish Graffiti & Paint Remover
Carlos R, Social & Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)
Worked perfectly and use it all the time.

Vanish was powerful enough to remove reflective traffic paint off our mural without damaging the sensitive acrylic paint underneath. We always carry Vanish on our maintenance trucks to remove difficult graffiti from concrete, murals and public art installations. It works quickly and keeps our crews from being exposed to harsher chemicals.

Graffiti Removal Citizen's Kit
Harriet M, Looking Good Santa Barbara
A million thanks

I will continually sing your praises to everyone who could be a potential customer for your system, and if there's anything else I can do to help spread the word I will. A million thanks for all you're doing to help make things better!

World's Best Graffiti Coating
Paul W, Graffiti Removal Services
The best graffiti coating on the market.

I've never removed graffiti so easily...especially from cinderblock and sandstone. Your graffiti protection was absolutely sensational. Thanks heaps guys.

Thank you for this stuff

I am a short way into a long testing process. But I sing the praises of Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover after only one day! Thank you for this stuff.

Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover
Timothy Huff (Puyallup, US)
perfect complement to sensitive surface graffiti remover

i carry this and ssgr with me when i'm out and about. it's crucial for cleaning painted surfaces on concrete.

Feltpen Fadeout
Nicholas L
Completely gone

I did this job in the West Village, NYC. Sharpie on historic marble, the stain was very deep in the stone. Felt pen fadeout got me from picture 2 all the way to completely gone.
It took four days, another application each day covered with plastic. BUT IT'S GONE!
Client was thrilled, as was I. Great product.

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover
Timothy Huff (Puyallup, US)
Your go-to remover

I use the spray can as my front-line graffiti removal tool. It's small enough to carry in a cargo pocket and is refillable. Just spray it on, let it sit, and brush it in. The tougher graffiti may require a few sessions but eventually it will fall before the power of this wonderful product. Graffiti I thought would never come out is now a distant memory.

Removed Slime like it was nothing!

My nephew dropped his white slime in my car awhile ago and I couldn’t get it off using any of the methods I found on google. On Sunday I thought I’d give a safewipe a try and will you look at that :') Thankful I had a box of safewipes around. It really is magic

EcoBlaster Pressure Washer
Justin (Queen Creek, US)
We take this thing everywhere!!!

Graffiti on a Boulder pile? Been there. Graffiti on a mountain top? Been there. Graffiti way back in a lake canyon only accessible by Kayak? Been there. Graffiti way down in a rocky canyon? Been there. Graffiti in a train tunnel bored into the side of a cliff 1,000ft off the edge of the Mogollon Rim? Yup, the Eco Blaster has been there with our crew!!!
We absolutely love this thing! We have 2 of them for our crew and take them all over AZ blasting graffiti in outdoor recreation areas with it.

Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover
Eric Chaney with EcoLuxe Texas (Irving, US)
Best Chemical EVER!

My company had a last minute job that required us to remove graffiti from under a bridge and we decided to use this product and I WAS AMAZED!!! 5 STARS SHOULD BE THE ONLY REVIEW GIVEN FOR THIS COMPANY AND THEIR PRODUCTS!! I will say though.....We need some merch!!! Lol! Great response time from them as well....

Makes Wonder

Your product is a miracle product. Like Mr. Kopcho said, if you are working hard in taking the graffiti off using your product, I am doing it wrong. The combination of the BBSM & the FELTPEN make wonder. I just follow the instructions you gave me and WALA, graffiti is gone. Thank you Mr. & Ms. Kopcho you guys made our life easy.

Makes Wonder

Your product is a miracle product. Like Mr. Kopcho said, if you are working hard in taking the graffiti off using your product, I am doing it wrong. The combination of the BBSM & the FELTPEN make wonder. I just follow the instructions you gave me and WALA, graffiti is gone. Thank you Mr. & Ms. Kopcho you guys made our life easy.

Washed off without a power washer

I wanted to reach back out to you to let you know how wonderful your product worked on my concrete patio!

I did the scrubbing without a power washer May of 2020. I’ve added the before and after pics to show the results! I am very well pleased! My young family artist did a doozy on my patio (he thought it wouldn’t be permanent – ugh!), but thanks to your product it came off and I can enjoy my beautiful property once again!

p.s. It’s better to be late than never! Thanks again! :o)

Thank you for the most amazing product ever made

I was sick to my stomach when I discovered my car had been vandalized on Halloween with nail polish! An online chat with Adam assured me your product would remove the nail polish without damaging the finish. Speedy delivery allowed me to get the job done yesterday, in about 35 minutes without any damage to the car finish and it almost melted the polish off with very little scrubbing with a nylon pad. Highly recommend this product and this company.

Actually produced the "worlds best"

Haven't had graffiti on my property for 6 or 7 years and was totally devastated when someone vandalized my almost 100 year old building one night.

I was able to attack the graffiti within 8 hours of it being done and I tried goof off, rustoleum krud kutter, mineral spirits, turpentine and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on but after probably 8 hours of brushing, scrubbing and powerwashing it was still visible.

I went on the web and found a bunch of products. I saw yours and kind of laughed that you call it "worlds best" and figured it was going to be BS but inexpensive enough to give it a shot.

About 10 days after the initial vandalization I had your product in my hands and was able to give it a try in small sections. Once I started spraying I could see the paint start to melt. I gave it a little scrub. waited the 4 minutes, sprayed, lightly scrubbed, waited another few minutes, sprayed and lightly scrubbed again. After another 4 or 5 minutes I hit it with my little electric power washer and the graffiti disappeared. I thought I was witness to a miracle but I knew I was just witness to someone's painstaking efforts to actually produce the "worlds best".

I probably used more product than recommended but super happy with the results.

Hand Sanitizer Line
Maria Luz G.
Thank you @graffittiremovers for the great product you sell!!!

Not only do you sell fabulous product to remove graffiti, but during this very crucial time where disinfectant product is in great need. We were able to count on you to supply Centro Evangelistico Foursquare Church with exceptionally wonderful hand disinfectant and dispensers to care for the well-being of our church congregants and contribute to everyone’s safety. Thank you!!

Just what I was looking for!

I was on the lookout for a hand sanitizer that would make sure to keep my hands clean & germ-free AND smell good! I've bought other sanitizers at local stores and they smelled awful, I had to get rid of them. This one doesn't and it's going to last me a long time :D I got the one with the manual spray pump and I can't complain. Will buy another when this one runs out

Should be called "Poof... It's like it was never there!"

I just used your "World’s Best - Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Remover" for graffiti on my red brick building... This was the most amazing product I have ever used to remove graffiti! Used a hard bristle brush and about 5-10 seconds in each area with a wash... the graffiti is gone… it’s all gone, and you can’t even tell it was there in the first place! Amazing product!

I really thought it was going to take hours to remove and you would still see the graffiti... stuff should be called “Poof... It’s like it was never there”!

Just wanted to say Thank You!

Long time seller of your Safewipes

I am a long time seller of your Safewipes and I use them myself. I thought you might to hear how your product saved me a very expensive pair of Lululemon shorts. I was using a large black permanent black marker and not realizing I put it in my shorts pocket and the cap must have fallen off. Needless to say I had black permanent marker all over my light grey Lululemons. I did everything you are supposed to do and it wasn't coming out. My wife says they are ruined. I was desperate. I figured I would try the Safewipes as a last resort even though they and not meant for clothes. Would you believe it took out the marker out completely!! You cannot tell that there was any marker on there. I wish I had a before and after picture to send you. But then again maybe you already knew. Thought you would like to know.

Mi-T-M Hot Water Pressure Washer
Adam (Los Angeles, US)
Director US operations

We've supplied these hot water machines to cities and graffiti removal specialists across the country and world . They are ideal for professional graffiti removal and a host of other cleaning jobs. Mi-T-M make a dependable and reliable unit with great looks to boot! If you are only using cold water now, don't even hesitate ordering one of these as they will pay for them selves on their first job or two through time savings and efficiency alone.

Mi-T-M are a great American company and we love supporting their products. Spare parts, back up and tech support are always only a phone call away which has made it a pleasure to partner with them.

Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover
Linda S, Larger Than Life Murals
Extremely Satisfied

A disgruntled 8th grader graffitied this middle school mural. To make matters worse, he used heat-resistant engine paint, leaving the empty cans behind. This mural is 30’ x 15’ and he sprayed as much as he could reach from the ground. The school principal was horrified… school was starting in a week, AND the district school board was coming for a tour of the newly remodeled school, complete with the new mural they were excited to see in person. After extensive research, we found what we believe is the very best graffiti remover. In fact, it’s the World’s Best Graffiti Remover, by Urban Restoration Group. The testimonials on their website are quite impressive. Quite a claim. We believe it. We called Urban Restoration Group and followed up with a visit to their LA office. Adam Kopcho, Director US Operations, was very helpful and informative. We purchased their Sensitive Surface remover, which is designed to use on painted surfaces. Applying the remover as directed, wiping it off with a damp cloth, repeating as necessary, the spray paint came off very easily and removed very little mural paint in only the toughest areas. From a distance, the mural would have looked fine without touch-ups to the artwork, but we did touch it up, knowing it would be scrutinized up close by the touring school board, we wanted it to look it’s best! In addition, Adam gave us a sample pack of various World’s Best Graffiti remover products, which we really appreciated. As a gesture of gratitude to the school district for their repeated business, we gave them some of the Bare Brick remover, designed to use on unpainted surfaces like block or concrete walls, because we noticed some “tagging” graffiti on some sidewalks in front of the school. The school maintenance staff was thrilled, and later said they couldn’t believe how wonderfully it worked, and stressed the time and money they saved using the Bare Brick Graffiti Remover.