National Museum of Fine Arts, Chile

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National Museum of Fine Arts, Chile

Established in 1880, the Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) in Santiago Chile is the oldest in South America. 

Chilean Government

Emilio Jéquier (1866-1949)

Vanish Paint Remover

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is a source of national pride and culture welcoming over 500,000 visitors per year.  Vandalized in August 2022, and expertly cleaned by Alerta Graffiti  using Vanish Paint Remover and Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover.

Restoring a National Monument

When the domes of Santiago’s National Museum of Fine Arts were vandalized by graffiti, the act - which was caught on camera - was widely repudiated by netizens. Governor of Santiago Claudio Orrego condemned the act of vandalism and established a multidisciplinary team consisting of the National Center for Conservation & Restoration and the National Monuments Council to repair the damage.

After three months of careful research, Vanish Paint Remover and Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover (BBSM) were chosen to remove the graffiti under contract with Alerta Graffiti.  Multi-pigmented spray paint was totally removed from the buildings roof tiles and brass trim.

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