Cast Concrete Building, Las Vegas, Nevada

Cast Concrete Building, Las Vegas, Nevada

Case Study

4G Surface Guard was applied for anti graffiti protection on approx. 50,000 sq. feet of a 40 ft. high cast concrete wall facing two major roads, with more planned for the future.

A Center Protected

This case study offers a brief, behind-the-scenes look into the decision-making process and testing results for graffiti removal process and protection of a 40ft high natural finished concrete wall using 4G Surface Guard

A number of well known coatings, graffiti removal products and removal methods were sampled including various abrasives (such as wet sand blasting, glass beads, walnut shells, dry ice blasting) and though the results vary they all permanently degrade the look of the surface by removing substrate each time making them unsustainable in the long term. The main goal was to achieve a natural/invisible finish on the concrete, and ease the burden of graffiti removal without any signs of damage in the future using World’s Best Graffiti Removers.

In the images above you can see the results using our Worlds Best Graffiti Removal products. The graffiti has been completely removed without damage or ghosting. This section of the wall was first coated with 4G Surface Guard. You can see the final finish is invisible. This is because 4G Surface Guard is a permanent impregnation rather than a film forming coating and works by penetrating mineral surfaces producing a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface that resists grime and graffiti. 

Applying 4G Surface Guard to cured concrete is a quick and easy one step process. When used with conjunction with Worlds Best graffiti Removal Products any graffiti can be quickly and easily removed without damage to the underlying surface well into the future.  

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 Products Used