Graffiti Removal Success Stories

  • "We thought we tried everything until Adam Kopcho turned up for a demo at our Corporation Yard. Now we've been using World's Best Products since 2007 and I can honestly say World's Best is TRULY the World's Best." Michael Stover
    Nuisance Abatement Coordinator
    Department of Public Works
    District of Columbia (Washington DC)

  • "You are the best! Thanks for all your assistance. I will be bragging about you and your product for a long time. Besides the ease of the product, it is rare to find a company with employees that are as friendly, well versed, cooperative, and as helpful as you have been. Thank you again." Officer Heskin
    Chicago Police Dept, IL

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Simpler & Better Graffiti Removal

If I were asked to come up with the best possible graffiti remover, I would probably err on the side of simplicity. Turns out, "The World's Best Remover System" has accomplished something to that effect, minus the error. Like the name suggests, their token have combined ultimate effectiveness with unrivaled ease. It is comparable to using a paper towel. The feat is performed effortlessly: the safewipes are moist, chemically-enhanced towelettes that function similar to babywipes or paper towels. To operate: take towelette, wipe surface, and rest. The process is easy enough that a small child can do it. The product has even been shown by news stations and demonstrated live on television. City workers to volunteers can easily use this product to clean right off street signs without any heavy equipment. Read More

Planes, Trains, and Street Signs

Graffiti Safewipes, manufactured by Urban Restoration Group, are just that: Wipes. They come in box sets, are cheap, and with a whisk of the hand, make urban history. You might even think the vandals used washable markers! Perhaps they did, or perhaps the system in safewipes is on to something. Read More

Graffiti Safewipes

City authorities' fear can be laid to rest with the rise of Graffiti safewipes. The Urban Restoration Group who manufactures the wipes have dubbed their product, "The Best System in the World." And who can blame them? Their product is simple, effective, and cheap. If you know how to use a paper towel, you know how to use a safewipe. Call it magic, call it heresy, or just chemically-enhanced moist wipes, safewipes allow the removal of paint from virtually every surface while maintaining the integrity of the surface below. It is no wonder that this removal system is taking cities across the country by private citizen and over-worked city employees. Read More

Remove Graffiti

In today's urban battlefields, vandals strike quickly and quietly, leaving their tags on public parks, offices and roadways. Removing paint has been a managerial nightmare for city officials who are left to combat these crimes with cumbersome paint-overs and removers which leave noticeable outlines of the tags they were meant to be removing. Enter the Urban Restoration Group which is spearheading the most successful municipal removal campaigns in the nation with their Word's Best Graffiti Removal Products. This group of entrepreneurs understood that the old methods of cleaning could never match the scale and speed of which city property was being vandalized. World's Best products provide a game changing solution to the war against vandalism everywhere. These wipes and cleaners use 100% natural and environmentally friendly compounds to dissolve the ink which bonds to walls and surfaces. The removing process includes three steps: 1. Wipe, 2. Wash, and 3. Forget. Removing paint with World's Best is so quick and effective, cities are able to conduct more complete and comprehensive removal campaigns than ever before. Now, city officials have a weapon as easy to use as the spray paint cans favored by vandals. Over 1,000 cities in 7 countries stand by World's Best as a solution to their problems.

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