How to remove spray paint from vehicles

How to remove spray paint from vehicles

Most graffiti on vehicles, cars, and trucks is fairly easy to remove, especially if less than 72 hours old. Some spray paint and felt pen graffiti can fuse into unpainted plastic bumpers or mirror surrounds but that is rare.

Using our Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover, or Graffiti Safewipes, in conjunction with a damp toweling rag, clean and complete small areas at a time. Always make sure you test in an inconspicuous area first, before attempting large-scale removal.

The vehicles shown above and below were cleaned using this exact technique.

Some vehicles may have been cheaply resprayed or have a wax coating that may be affected by solvents and may have to be reapplied.

Overspray on vehicles and equipment is very common, and can generally be cleaned easily, using the technique described above. 

Aluminum tractor-trailer bodies are a common target for graffiti. They typically have a very light coat of white on them which can be vulnerable to any remover, including our Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover. Some spray cans dry harder than the paint underneath especially if the paint has begun to oxidize. So proceed with caution on these jobs.

Most drivers would rather see the graffiti removed, even if it means exposing a little of the aluminum underneath. If needed, you can lightly mist over the body again with a thin coat of white paint using a Graffitibeater Paint Turbine or HVLP sprayer.

Golden Tips

1) Most graffiti on vehicles, cars and trucks is fairly easy to remove, especially if less than 72 hours old. That said, remove graffiti as soon as you can.

2) We always recommend you do a test patch at first, but especially with Aluminum tractor-trailers as they're typically have a very light coated of paint, so proceed with caution.

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