Los Angeles City Hall, California

Los Angeles City Hall, California

Completed in 1928, Los Angeles City Hall is a designated Historic-Cultural Monument.

City of Los Angeles

John Parkinson, John C. Austin, and Albert C. Martin, Sr.

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The world famous LA CITY HALL serves as the center of the civic district in downtown Los Angeles and office to the mayor. It has been featured in many films and TV series and is regularly used as a backdrop to important public announcements and events.

Historic Conservation and Preservation

In the Summer of 2020 City Hall became a frequent target of graffiti vandalism with a permanent encampment of protestors residing across the road in Grand park.

After extensive cleaning and testing with the aid of conservation experts 4G Surface Guard & World’s Best Graffiti Coating were specified to protect all vertical surfaces susceptible to further vandalism. 4G Surface Guard was specified on stairs, landings and paved courtyards to ease the burden of cleaning graffiti and grime from these surfaces without affecting the slip resistant properties of the surface.

These products were chosen with a mandate of ensuring the natural granite walls and columns are unaffected in appearance and that allow further graffiti removal be done without damage or potential shadows.

Variety of Surfaces Protected

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 Products Used

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Los Angeles City Hall, California