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    Item #: WB0042

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Only 5 Gallon Pails will incur an additional hazmat fee. Hazmat shipping requires a direct signature at delivery. To circumvent this, you can order single gallons, which do not incur hazmat fees. Please refer to the "Shipping Info" tab below for more information.
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Product Description 

Heritage Graffiti Remover is specifically designed for sensitive, historic and important buildings, to remove graffiti from stonework, brickwork, and masonry without damage. This product is effective first time, every time, and requires very low pressure to remove softened graffiti from the surface. Importantly, Heritage Graffiti Remover will rinse very easily to avoid the presence of insoluble salts being left on the masonry. Remove all types of spray can paint from porous stone and concrete surfaces, including cinderblock, split face block and exposed aggregate. Safe and effective to use on all types of natural stone (such as limestone, granite, marble, and terrazzo). Also highly effective on some painted and coated surfaces such as signs as well as stainless steel, trees, and most plastics.

Please note: Heritage Graffiti Remover is for industrial use only and not available for retail in California.

Features & Benefits

Go Green with World's Best Graffiti Removers

  • Fast-acting penetrating formula encapsulates and dissolves spray can and other stains from behind as well as the front.
  • Easily rinsed with a small pressure washer requiring very little rinsing water. Any resultant runoff is a readily biodegradable gray water soap which can be left to biodegrade. Recycled or further diluted for use in gardens etc.
  • No shadows, no damage, no harsh scrubbing required.
  • Pleasant smelling and nontoxic.
  • Safe and effective to use on all types of natural stone (such as limestone, granite, and marble), stainless steel, trees, plastics, and playground equipment.
  • May be used on painted surfaces as well as natural surfaces.

Product Use Instructions 

Heritage Graffiti Remover is applied to the surface with a nylon brush, broom or pump-up sprayer, 3 times at 3 minute intervals, liberally flooding the graffiti/stain with the product. For typical graffiti, approximately three minutes after the final application, rinse using a hot or cold pressure washer (hot is best) at low pressure. If one is not available, then a stiff nylon brush and bucket of water may suffice. Agitation, as you apply this product, can be of great assistance. 

 Continued experience with the product will enable the user to judge how many applications are necessary for varying surfaces and particular spray cans. On older/thicker graffiti patience is the key. Keep the graffiti wet with the product, as long as possible before rinsing. Do not blast too close, in order to remove the graffiti, as it may cause damage and will possibly only remove a small percentage more. Remember, a pressure washer in this instance is really only a quick release rinse of the dissolved graffiti, and not the primary means of cleaning. Ideally use 1500 - 2000 psi with a 15º or 25º fan jet at about 6 inches from the surface. Do not blast or use ‘turbo’ type nozzles which risk doing damage.When rinsing dissolved graffiti with a pressure washer try to remove a LITTLE of the graffiti from the bottom of the tag without wetting the whole area. If satisfied, then proceed to full scale. Wash the whole area from top to bottom. 

Remember, if the remover has not done its job then no amount of ‘blasting’ will fix the problem. Failures are usually a result of not flood coating adequately and not leaving product on long enough and cannot be resolved by blasting too close or at higher pressures.

For further removal tips, download technical data sheet here or visit ourExpert Advice page.

Coverage Guidelines

1 gallon of Heritage Graffiti Remover will remove approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon (of typical graffiti) on bare brick, stone and masonry surfaces. Exact coverage varies depending on type of stain and the porosity of surface material.

graffiti removed from an old stone building
Graffiti Removal from Old stone building
graffiti removed from statue
Graffiti Removal from stone religious statue

Religious State tagged with red spray paint
Graffiti Removed from statue
Old Building covered in graffiti
Graffiti Removed from Old Building

Visit our Demo Gallery for more removal jobs.

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Our goal is to ensure you utilize the best possible products and techniques to achieve the highest standard of excellence and safety.  Your purchase is covered by a 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you feel you need to exchange product or return for a full refund for any reason over this period, contact us to discuss the best solution. 


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If product is defective upon your receipt, your exclusive remedy shall be, at Urban Restoration Group US, Inc.'s option, to replace the product or refund the purchase price of the Urban Restoration Group US, Inc. product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
curtis hansen (Nanaimo, British Columbia)

Excellent product and even better customer service. Always available to answer questions and walk you through different issues. If you havent reached out to WBG and you are in the industry you really should, these folks are top end.

Jon Romero
Thank you for all your help

Heritage, made this removal, so easy and so much better. It was expected that the panels would have to be repainted as mild agitation with a soft rag would scratch the surface. as we proceeded with our work, we changed our method to allow for longer dwell time by applying heritage directly to the Graffiti with a chip brush, and rinsing with cold water. While this method took much longer it eliminated the need to repaint the surface after briefly re-negotiation with the client for a service that would not cause any damage we proceeded to remove this tag in about eight hours. Proper restoration work takes time, and our clients were more than satisfied. We have switched our entire line of Graffiti Removal products to worlds best because they simply are the best. Unlike other products on the market that can be too harsh and leave damage, we have found that Graffiti Removal inc’s dedication to professional restoration has helped our company excel.

Diane Hoff (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
Removal off Brick

The product worked great. It was used on brick. We are very happy with it.

Chris B, Trademark Graphics Inc
Thanks for a great product

Hi, I have to tell you... I am surprised!!! I own a 100-year old brick building and didn't want to harm the exterior finish do to having to take off some Graffiti. It was as easy as the direrctions said 3 coats 3wait 3 minutes in between each and spray off! I used a 1200psi sprayer about 3 feet away and I probably could have used a regular garden hose based on how easy it came off!!!

Tanya R, Wildcat Management
Used 5 Gal. Worked very well.

Have a historic brick building that got tagged - my contractor wanted HG. The focus was on the 5 Gallons for the historical brick. My contractor said we need something stronger. The building looks essentially the same but ghosted or smudgy on the bottom area where it was tested. Had someone else follow the instructions and it worked perfectly.

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