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EcoBlaster Pressure Washer: The Bay Area Climbers use the EcoBlaster pressure washer to clean and restore the mountainous areas with ease and comfort, knowing that this method is not harmful to the environment.

graffiti off of equipment
graffiti off of equipment

EcoBlaster Pressure Washer: Adam takes the EcoBlaster for any job that requires a pressure washer.

EcoBlaster Pressure Washer & Bare Brick, Stone and Masonry Graffiti Remover: Justin from Natural Restorations says "We take this thing everywhere!!! Graffiti on a Boulder pile? Been there. Graffiti on a mountain top? Been there. Graffiti way back in a lake canyon only accessible by Kayak? Been there...Graffiti in a train tunnel bored into the side of a cliff 1,000ft off the edge of the Mogollon Rim? Yup, the Eco Blaster has been there with our crew!!!"

EcoBlaster Pressure Washer & Heritage Graffiti Remover: Adam removes graffiti from a heavily tagged mural with Heritage Graffiti Remover and the EcoBlaster Portable Pressure Washer.

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