How do I market/advertise my graffiti removal business?

How do I market/advertise my graffiti removal business?

Marketing and advertising used to be a vertical thing. That is, you paid someone to design your logo, and an advertisement, and you placed it in a journal, local paper and you sat back and waited for the phone to ring. Now we’re in the digital age and the opportunities are enormous. If you don’t believe me then stop reading this because this is how we all met.

Nowadays advertising has turned ‘horizontal’ where a shoulder to shoulder experience via Facebook, YouTube, Linked-in and hundreds of other networking sites allow you to stay in contact hundreds; if not thousands of people daily with new offers or information. Your aim should be to become the most desired expert in graffiti removal in your area.

Here are a couple of must do’s:

1. Get your name right from the beginning. Make sure, that whatever you call your business describes exactly what you do.

Hint:  Names like ‘PB Enterprises’ or ‘Jack’s Cleaning’ may mean very little to anybody looking for anything.

2. You need to call or message your local potential customers.

Assuming that you’ve got your name right, your image/appearance right and that you are shaved, shampooed and ready to ‘root, shoot and electrocute’ then an introductory message creating some form of intriguer on a new and better way of removing graffiti is sure to catch their attention.

For example, an introductory letter/flyer to future clients should take on the following form -

We call it the ‘cringe, confidence and call offer’ factor.

First comes the cringe factor such as;

“Are you paying too much for graffiti removals?” or

“Did your last graffiti remover leave a worse shadow than the original graffiti?”

You get the drift…

Follow this with some confidence in the way you do it, like....

“Our World’s Best Graffiti Removal System makes sure that every job is perfect in half the time, at half the cost…without a ghastly shadow or risk of damage”.

Then your offer:

“Use our services, and if the wall gets hit within two weeks we will do it again for free” or

“Every third tag is free this month”.

Take advantage of social media. It can be user-friendly and it's free to get your name out there. Post your success stories on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or even TikTok. Tell a story and be clear, include ways in which customers can reach you.

Social Media hASHTAGs

According to marketing company Later, a post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

Here are a few recommended hashtags to post after you share your visual and caption:

#grafffitiremoval #graffitiremover


#pressurewasher #pressurewashing

Don't forget to tag us using #worldsbestgraffitiremovers (or/and our handle @graffitiremovers). We love to share your success stories on our social media platforms.



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How do I market/advertise my graffiti removal business?