Taylor Yard Bridge, California

Taylor Yard Bridge, California

The Grand opening event for The Taylor Yard Bikeway /Pedestrian Bridge across the Los Angeles River was scheduled for the14th of March 2022.

City of Los Angeles

Lead Architect
Zoltan S. Pali

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This beautiful and bold new structure crosses the LA River and connects Elysian Valley on the west side of the river and Taylor Yard on the east side. In the weeks prior to the grand opening graffiti vandalism spread to every surface from one side to the next.

Graffiti Clean up performed by the builder Ortiz Enterprises Inc included removals from  passivated stainless steel grating, concrete bike path and and painted steel. 

Bridging Communities Together

The Taylor Yard Bridge spans 400 feet across the LA River and is nick named "Rumble Fish" after the 1983 Coppola film about rival gangs of LA. The two offset cantilevered view decks in the middle are designed as a meeting point as if in a handshake or dance and nullify the rivers past as a border wall between communities.

The architecture of The Taylor Yard Bridge takes inspiration from the area’s industrial past, a modern interpretation of the railroad bridges that once crossed the river, and mid-20th century Los Angeles architecture. 

Removing graffiti using the worlds best graffiti removal chemical

It is located just near our factory and we were thrilled to show LADPW and Ortiz construction the products and techniques needed for their clean up prior to the grand opening.

One Pro Starter Pack contained enough product to clean the bridge completely and perfectly.  See video about this job and special grand opening event.

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Remove Graffiti from Taylor Yard Bridge