Having successfully incorporated World’s Best Graffiti Removal products into their contracting operation, Green Concepts of Vienna, Austria has now embarked on wholesale distribution to cities, transport agencies, and paint distributors throughout Austria.

The green Concepts have cemented their reputation of supplying professional Graffiti Removal services to property maintenance and municipal agencies in Vienna, having successfully cleaned a number of Vienna’s most important and historic buildings of graffiti.


For local pricing and terms contact Green Concepts Vienna below:

Markus Schindler, M.A.

Broneder & Schindler OG
Marc-Aurel-Straße 4/15
1010 Wien
tel: +43 1 535 05 82
mobil: +43 664 / 545 15 01
mail: m.schindler@greenconcepts.at
web: www.greenconcepts.at
FN 400967 h, HG Wien

World’s Best Graffiti Removal in Europe - Vienna, Austria