How to remove graffiti from concrete dam walls or stones and boulders near streams or rivers

How to remove graffiti from concrete dam walls or stones and boulders near streams or rivers

Images Courtesy of Natural Restorations

A pressure washer/vacuum attachment such as the one featured in the photo below can be ideal for jobs where water reclamation is vitally important. Apply Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover by brush and agitate before using the pressure washer with attachment to rinse off. 

A wet vacuum and power connection is required with this method.

When this type of equipment is not available, you may be able to protect run off from entering a waterway by using a tarp and disposing of water into the dirt to biodegrade.

Images Courtesy of Natural Restorations

Alternatively, choosing a consistent color such as ‘river rock grey’ to paint over the graffiti can be a quick and helpful method of disguise in these situations. if and when more graffiti should occur, you will always have the color on hand.

Note: On rocks which have been aged from mold, algae or dirt there can sometimes be a ‘clean’ spot after removing graffiti and especially so if a pressure washer has been used. 

To restore an ‘aged’ look you can apply strong coffee grinds. Also, sour milk can be brushed/sprayed/applied and left for a few weeks. This creates algae staining. When you're happy with the look of the patina, it is best to then apply our World’s Best Graffiti Coating (WBGC). It’s so quick and easy and makes getting graffiti off the next time around a pleasure. 

If the World's Best Graffiti Coating is applied to new stones, then they should remain clean looking for quite a while (maybe a couple of years). 

To be sure of no algae staining, a 2% solution of Copper Sulfate, or some of the newer Benzalkonium Chloride (disinfectant types) can be applied, prior to applying the coating. 

If you are looking for a slightly aged look before applying a coating, then use the coffee/milk trick as outlined above.  

Images Courtesy of Natural Restorations

A quick video depicting how to remove graffiti from natural stone with TrailMothers at Stoney Point Park, CA.

3 Golden Rules

1) If graffiti is not coming off easily, you're doing it wrong! You may require a change of tact or use of another product.

2) If you can't remove a little bit of graffiti, then you're not going to remove a lot. TEST FIRST before applying product to an entire job. This way you can determine if you’re on the right track before embarking on full scale removals.

3) If you're working hard, you're doing it wrong. Forget the scrubbing, blasting and any other abrasive measures. Put simply, either your products are working or they’re not. Any problems can be taken care of with the right technique.

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