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All funds collected will be used for World's Best Graffiti Removal Products & Equipment to help restore Los Padres National Forest to its natural state. You may also purchase products directly by visiting the "Product Wishlist" tab below.

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A note from Los Padres Forest Association

The Los Padres Forest Association is sad to share reports of graffiti emerging across various Santa Barbara Front country trails including Buena Vista, San Ysidro, Hot Springs, Tunnel and Arlington Peak trails and East Camino Cielo road. These trails have not seen graffiti for a long time, so for them to be vandalized now is somewhat of a shock. Using paint to mark the trail is wholly unnecessary and destructive.

The LPFA and the Forest Service request that if folks need to mark a trail for a run or other course event, please use biodegradable materials like flour or baking powder, or better yet, build a rock cairn. Graffiti in the forest violates Leave No Trace principles and encourages others to deface the beauty of nature. 

We are also looking for volunteers to help us with our Graffiti removal efforts. If you’d like to help be part of the solution, email us at 

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About the LPFA: Founded in 1979, the LPFA is an official non-profit 501(c)(3) partner of the Los Padres National Forest. Our mission is to care for the Los Padres Forest, ensuring it thrives and remains safe and open for the people to use and enjoy.

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