How to Protect and Preserve Murals

How to Protect and Preserve Murals

We have proudly partnered with the SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center) based in Venice, CA in the development of MuralShield for the long-term protection and conservation of fine art acrylic and aerosol murals. SPARC is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of many large and important historic murals and have been advising artists, cities, and public planners since 1976.

MuralShield™ is a conservation grade coating that works as a consolidating protective barrier strengthening paint binders and adhesion. It protects against environmental damage caused by weather, UV sunlight, cleaning chemicals, pollutants, and water damage.

For graffiti protection we apply World's Best Graffiti Coating over the top of MuralShield which allows for the non damaging removal of graffiti vandalism.

This method of using both coatings together is designed to comply with conservation standards to preserve and protect  public art vulnerable to vandalism and environmental wear.

How To Apply MuralShield

The method we use is to first apply MuralShield which consolidates paint layers and enhances colors protecting murals from weather and UV sunlight. For murals susceptible to graffiti,  World's Best Graffiti Coating is then applied over the top of the MuralShield

MuralShield™ is generally applied upon completion of a new work or restoration of an existing mural.


World's Best Graffiti Coating is a 'sacrificial coating' and must be reapplied every time a repair is done. This allows you to clean the mural safely using our removal products as well as providing access to the original artwork so that changes or touch-ups can be made as needed.

See application of MuralShield  greatly enhancing color on this older mural ("to Protect & Servce" by Nina Olabisi) Video Courtesy of SPARC.

Graffiti Removal from Mural Protected with MuralShield and World's Best Graffiti Coating. Courtesy of Mural Rescue Portland.

MuralShield™  is best sprayed rather than brushed or rolled. Use an airless sprayer, HVLP ( High Volume Low pressure) spray gun, or acetone rated pump up sprayer. We can supply the Sprayers Plus20 ACT Acetone Sprayer if needed. 

Ideal temperature for external applications should be between 45°F / 7°C - 95°F / 35°C. Minimum temperature is 40°F. Relative humidity must not exceed 95%. MuralShield™ should not be applied under very high humidity conditions or when the wall is moist. 

Allow final coat to dry thoroughly for at least 20 minutes before applying World's Best Graffiti Coating (WBGC). Apply at least two coats of WBGC (or more if the artwork is highly susceptible to vandalism) using a clean HVLP sprayer, tight knit roller, or brush. Use

a bristle brush to feather out any beading or drips.

Please read TDS sheets for more detailed application instructions or contact us for Expert Advice on your job before starting.

Safety Precautions When Applying MuralShield

MuralShield is flammable: Do not apply MuralShield near any potential source of ignition. Keep away from heat and open flame. Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated areas using a facemask or respirator. Avoid applying in populated areas.

Personal Protection: Wear gloves and protective goggles to avoid skin and eye contact. Utilize either work clothes or a disposable protective suit, to avoid garment damage or accidental spillage.

Use adequate solvent-rated masks or respirator. We recommend solvent or paint stripping rated masks with a cartridge based re-breather. 

Please read TDS / SDS sheets for more detailed Safety information  

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