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This is perhaps the most common question asked of us so we thought we'd dedicate this page to an answer on how to remove graffiti from walls.

Firstly, is the wall painted or unpainted?


World’s Best Graffiti Removal products have been depended on for decades for the removal and protection of historic buildings and monuments. The following notes will address the most common products and techniques used in the removal of graffiti from historic masonry surfaces.


When removing graffiti from metal the first thing you want to notice is whether it is coated or uncoated metal.


How do you remove graffiti from Coated Metal?

For powder-coated metal, and factory painted metal surfaces use Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover or Safewipes as instructed.





  1. Make sure you wear gloves, goggles and protect yourself from the sun whilst volunteering. Realize you are amongst others on streets and roads. We want to keep you safe.
  2. Realize these Safewipes are for smaller type graffiti on most surfaces. Larger graffiti on painted surfaces is far quicker to paint over.


These are the four basic steps for cleaning up smoke affected areas on brick or stonework:

  1. Remove any debris and scrape off any stuck on residue like burnt plastics, etc. Any burn plastic residues may have to be removed with special solvents at the end of the job. Do not try to remove all of this at this stage.


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