For The Long Term Protection, Restoration And Preservation Of Fine Art & Acrylic Murals

  • To ensure proper coverage, we recommend rounding up to the nearest gallon.
  • If you find you have surplus of MuralShield try to apply it to the mural for added protection.
  • If you find you have a surplus of World's Best Graffiti Coating it is best to apply a third coat to the most susceptible areas and keep some for reapplication after graffiti removal takes place.

Approximate coverage rates are as follows:

•    MuralShield – Approximately 300 sq ft of coverage per gallon on painted or smooth unpainted surfaces including 2 coats. Exact coverage depends on the application tools and techniques.  (For example, an 800 sq ft mural on a will require 2-3 gallons of MuralShield).

•    World’s Best Graffiti Coating –  Approximately 320 sq ft per gal including 2 coats for murals previously coated with Muralshield. For Concrete, brick or similar: approx. 250 sq ft coverage including 2 coats.  Limestone, sandstone, plaster or other soft absorbent surfaces: Approx. 180 sq ft for 2 coats.