Stoney Point Park

Chatsworth, California


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All funds collected will be used for World's Best Graffiti Removal Products & Equipment. You may also purchase products directly by visiting the "Product Wishlist" tab below.

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Stoney Point Park Fundraiser

A message from Kristen K. Hernandez, Founder of Trailmothers

My name is Kristen Hernandez and I am the founder of my nonprofit 501 (c)(3) called Trailmothers!

We have turned into a global community where Trailmothers is for everyone. We host and thrive on stewardship events, hiking, climbing, camping ⛺

We have been cleaning up Stoney Point Park, a public park where all the climber legends started. It's been trashed and vandalized for the last 30 years and I'm tired of seeing it every time I come to climb or hike with friends, or my son. My whole goal is to keep her clean everyday and not have to worry about the glass, trash or vandalism while I'm climbing and I know I'm not the only one. So with my crew2 and community who are set to clean Stoney Point Park in sections and host fundraisers to help fund each project.

The first project will be Nabisco Canyon, a popular section of Stoney Point Park. We hope to clean the whole park up in efforts to help clean for the next generation to come.


Launch of Fundraiser

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