Mural Calculator

The calculations include enough product to apply the recommended 2 coats.

The total area is equal to the width x height of your surface.

Gallons of MuralShield needed:

Gallons of World's Best Graffiti Coating needed:

To ensure proper coverage, we recommend rounding up to the nearest gallon.

If you find you have surplus of MuralShield try to apply it to the mural for added protection.
If you find you have a surplus of World's Best Graffiti Coating it is best to apply a third coat to the most susceptible areas and keep some for reapplication after graffiti removal takes place.

Approximate coverage rates are as follows:

•    MuralShield – Approximately 300 sq. ft. of coverage per gallon on painted or smooth unpainted surfaces including 2 coats. Exact coverage depends on the application tools and techniques.  (For example, an 800 sq. ft. mural on a will require 2-3 gallons of MuralShield).

•    World’s Best Graffiti Coating –  Approximately 320 sq. ft. per gallon, including 2 coats, for murals previously coated with MuralShield. For concrete, brick or similar surfaces: approximately 250 sq. ft. coverage including 2 coats.  For limestone, sandstone, plaster or other soft absorbent surfaces: Approx. 180 sq. ft. for 2 coats.


For The Long Term Protection, Restoration And Preservation Of Fine Art & Acrylic Murals

Graffiti Coating

For Long Term Graffiti Protection and Preservation Of Fine Art & Acrylic Murals

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