Environmental and Safety

What Safety Precautions should I follow when using your graffiti removers?

Removing graffiti means stripping paint and dissolving waxes, oils and marker stains. We ask that you familiarize yourself fully with product directions and safety instructions before commencing this type of work. Always remember the following safety precautions:

  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Avoid contact with skin by wearing safety gloves at all times. 
  • Avoid contact with eyes by wearing safety goggles. 
  • Avoid any vapors or mists by ensuring adequate ventilation. 
  • Do not smoke while using product.Store in a safe dry place away from heat or flame. 
  • Refer to Product Instructions on label, TDS's and SDS’s for more details.

Please follow these additional precautionary measures before commencing any graffiti removal jobs:

  1. Always have a small bottle of water with you for emergency rinsing. Always know where water is located. 
  2. Be aware of your colleagues around you. Keep each other safe. 
  3. Always arrange your truck to work from the sidewalk side as much as possible. 
  4. Always set out safety signs and traffic cones. If cleaning street poles, take a traffic cone with you. 
  5. Carry a spare set of disposable overalls. Clothing MUST be removed if chemical spillage on clothing occurs. 
  6. Always be comfortable on your feet when applying graffiti removal products. Avoid slippery slopes, heights and applying                  graffiti out of arm’s reach above your head. If anything looks slightly risky then don’t attempt it. 
  7. Beware of leaving little buckets around to be spilt by dragging hoses. 
  8. Report any safety issues with equipment and supplies. Don’t leave ‘traps’ for the next team. Take it out of the trailer or mark it        unsafe immediately. 
  9. Beware of power cords near water runoff. WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MIX. 
  10. Allow at least five minutes for machinery to cool down before refueling. Wipe off any spills carefully before re-starting.
  11.  Be sun smart and apply sunscreen, wear long sleeves, use a wide hat and protect your neck and ears.

Are your products biodegradable?

Yes - Our products are readily BIODEGRADABLE. They are also totally EPA compliant and VOC compliant and contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, Xylene or any other products known to cause health or disposal problems for graffiti removal technician.

We believe that nothing other than fresh water should be allowed down drains and into our river systems, so using less water is the key to environmentally sustainable removals. 

While our products will biodegrade, it is the way you use them which makes them environmentally friendly.

Many graffiti removal jobs using our products are simply brush on/wipe off and will have no environmental impact provided you dispose of your consumables, like wiping rags, responsibly. We also use toweling rags which can be washed many times before disposal. 

When using a pressure washer in conjunction with Bare Brick’ Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover, the resulting run-off has similar toxicity to gray water from a washing machine. This water run off can generally be safely swept away into the landscaping or earth.

Do I need to collect water run-off while pressure washing? How do you recommend doing this?

If needed, water run-off from your pressure washer can be easily collected and safely disposed of in gardens or lawns. The cheapest and easiest way is to place a few shovelfuls of playpit or beach sand in a polypropylene sugar or potato bag and place that in the lowest spot where the water will run, like next to the curb or over a sump, for instance. 

Using a 15 Gallon Wet-Vac, and powering it with a small generator, will suck up the water. Dilute it down and dispose of it as ‘gray water’. Ideally, all professional graffiti removal contractors should have this set up available. 

Unlike other commercial hard surface cleaning such as pressure washing pavements, graffiti removal uses very little water. In fact the pressure washer is used as a quick release rinse only of dissolved or softened graffiti. This means there is far less water to worry about in comparison to general power washing chores.