Los Angeles Architects Choose World’s Best Graffiti Coating and MURALSHIELD System to protect against graffiti vandalism

Frogtown, Los Angeles California

Local Los Angeles Architects choose Muralshield and World’s Best Graffiti Coating to protect their new offices in the inner city from graffiti vandalism. FSY Architects specified World’s Best Graffiti Coating for their stucco exterior and Muralshield in conjunction with Worlds Best Graffiti Coating for the new mural on the outside of their  offices in Frogtown Los Angeles .  Los Angeles  Councilman Mitch O’Farrell was there for the unveiling of the new building and artwork which is a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

mural in frogtown los Angeles protected by mural shield and World's Best Graffiti Coating
FSY Architects choose World’s Best Graffiti removal products to protect their building from possible graffiti vandalism
mural shield fsy architect2
World’s Best MuralShield product used by FSY Architects Los Angeles California