Your Shipment Is Our Number One Priority!

  • All Orders received before 1pm PST are processed same day.
  • All Orders under 90 pounds ship via Fed Ex or UPS Ground.
  • Consolidated Shipping Charges for Orders are calculated as follows:
    Order Amount Shipping Incurred
    0 - $50 $7.50
    $51 - $100 $10.00
    $101 - $200 $20.00
    $201 - $400 $30.00
    $401 - $500 $40.00
    $500+ $50.00
  • Free Shipping Items excluded from all Shipping Charges.
  • If some of your items qualify for Free Shipping but others do not, Shipping Charges will be calculated on the total order value less the Items which qualify for Free Shipping.
  • Shipping of hazardous materials will incur additional charges of $30 for 1-4 gal, $60 8-12 gal, and $90 12+ gal. A maximum charge of $150 will be incurred for ground shipping hazardous materials in mainland USA.
  • We reserve the right to use a variety of carriers to deliver product and will contact you to confirm the best shipping method available when your order is processed.
  • Exact Freight Method and estimated delivery date will be confirmed via email.
  • International Orders: Purchase through local your local distributor or contact us at
  • This shipping policy is for internet orders processed through this website and applies to Mainland USA customers only.

Please call us at 1-888-747-9247
or email
to arrange best shipping method or ask any questions.

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