World’s Best Graffiti Removal Products Now available in Tokyo JAPAN

Tokyo Japan: World’s Best Graffiti Removal Products are now readily available to cities and professionals contracting teams in Japan via Waverock Corporation

Waverock Inc. is currently supplying several municipalities in Tokyo and has been granted special permission to clean certain areas and ensure a graffiti free environment as Tokyo prepares to host the 2020 Olympic Games. In order to obtain further training and familiarize themselves with the World’s Best Graffiti Removal products and techniques Waverock representative Manabu Muto visited Urban Restoration Group US INC. this week  in Los Angeles.


World’s Best Graffiti Removal Training included a ride along with the City of Glendale Neighborhood Services Graffiti program specialist, where they were able to see all types of graffiti vandalism quickly and professionally removed throughout the Glendale community.

Waverock Japan is offering the URG US Inc. complete product offering including world’s Best Graffiti removal products and equipment  in Japan. The latest Graffiti Removal Training materials, Worlds Best Graffiti Removal Catalogs and support have all been painstakingly and professionally translated in Japanese.

Waverock representatives visit worlds best graffiti removers united states
World’s Best Graffiti Removers HQ Los Angeles CA: Waverock representatives from Tokyo Japan – Adam Yamamoto and Manabu Muto with Adam Kopcho Director US Operations Urban Restoration Group US INC.


For further inquiries contact or in Japan contact Waverock Inc. directly via their new website or phone








ALPOLIC® has teamed with Valspar® and Graffiti Removal Services® to provide an affordable anti-graffiti solution

Portland Oregon: Urban Restoration Group US inc. agent and distributor in the national paint channel Graffiti Removal Services helps Alpolic establish World’s Best Graffiti Removal products, standards and practices.

ALPOLIC® has teamed with Valspar® and Graffiti Removal Services® to
provide an affordable anti-graffi ti solution. This nontoxic, water-soluble,
biodegradable cleaning system is highly effective and easy to use
with our ASTM-compliant composite materials, requiring no additional
coatings and no additional cost.
Restore your new or existing ALPOLIC® Valspar® fi nish at ti-removal

alpolic graffiti removal



Caltrans Rosmead California:  Urban Restoration Group US Inc.  advises on a removing unsightly graffiti paint overs and the underlying graffiti which was several years old from a decorative concrete  medium strip on the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles CA.

Caltrans Los Angeles uses Worlds best graffiti removers TRANSGEL

World’s Best Graffiti Removers have  officially made the pre approved products list for all CALTRANS locations, so when Caltrans needed to get the job done quickly and professionally they call on Urban Restoration Group US Inc. to supply the products needed, a hot water pressure washer, and hands on graffiti removal training.

CALTRANS GRAFFITI REMOVALTransgel was used to initially remove the paint over and bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover was used to remove all the remaining graffiti. The end result was a perfect restoration job leaving the wall looking as new.

For expert advice on your graffiti removal job ask the Worlds Best Graffiti Removal Team at;